It is strange sitting here.

Here is where I got lost wandering down to Tesco and looked around the gardens. I don’t mean lost in the emotional sense, but literally and physically lost. But there are far worse places to lose your sense of direction. Then it was winter, a cold breeze, with squirrels running across the wide stretches of green.

Now that bare land is blooming with roses.

Ideally, the sky would be painted a glorious blue and lit by sunshine, but this is Sheffield and a lot of the time, you would not think the earth revolves around the sun.

I’ve always thought the city shines in the sun and is somewhat dimmed when wrapped in grey blankets.

But siting in the grey garden, I realise Sheffield will always be beautiful to me – grey skies, beginning to rain, slight chill and all. It’s not that it took me to walk through roses to realise this, but it just seems so fitting: from the barren grass of where I got lost – to the blossoming garden which had made me stop to take it all in.

I feel like Alice in Wonderland returning to her rabbit hole, to find that she now knew her way round.

The sun meekly shines through, not so much diminishing the grey but making it white. I was listening to the birds sing to one another but turn on my music when I decide to leave; slowly immersing myself back in to sound. (Alt J Breeze blocks)

I don’t want to go.


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