New Year’s Resolutions

With a new year only a couple of days away, it seems every thought of making myself better, any goal I thought I’d achieve, or something I want to do comes racing to the front of my mind like an over-excited puppy, desperate for attention. I try to tame them but they keep bounding forward. I rub a weary hand over my forehead and do what I always do with too many thoughts. Start to write.
The beginning is easy:
In 2015 I would like to…
Then the stampede happens.
“One at a time!” I tell my brain off.
There’s some shuffling as they get in to a queue, jostling for positions and losing sense of order.
1. Write more
2. Make my blog more of a website
3. Finish and edit my book (my NaNo project)
4. Bloody get shorthand 100 wpm
5. Save money
6. Start driving lessons again (Though this might defeat the point of number 6)
7. Try photography classes
8. Be healthier (I can’t set myself a specific goal but maybe at least cut down on the chocolate and cheese)
9. Read more
10. Work more on my Huffington Post blog
11. Look more seriously in to Freelance writing opportunities

I read it and feel my forehead crumple with the thought of how much work it will be.
“But… you want to do it. Right?” That tiny, annoying, voice of reason chirps up.
“Be quiet voice of reason,” I scold, “I’m too busy doing nothing.”
“I think that’s an oxymoron statement.”
If it possible for one thought to swat another, this happens.

Reason carries on, “You wrote this list. You’ve been wanting to do some of these things for months. Why not write them down and make them your New Year resolutions? You can break it down over the year if that makes it easier. There’s less than 12 things there, technically you do one thing a month. Even some of them, of course, you want to do throughout the year.”
“You may have a point,” I admit grudgingly.
“You mean you have a point.”
“Shut up.”
I have another look at the list, resisting the urge to simply dive in to my Tumblr feed. Really it’s write more – both professionally and creatively. Read more. And carry on learning.
Being at home, with my friends dotted around the country and the world, leads to lot of spare time. I am all for lazy days and pyjamas. But I can’t face the thought of living for the weekend and having so much of my day dedicated by work. I want to make my time more important.
Are you making any New Year Resolutions?


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