Hoi An II

It’s not just in the evening where Hoi An glows. In the day, the yellow buildings beam against the blue sky. My favourite spot was the riverside.



It isn’t hard to see why Hoi An is described as a living museum. All it takes is a five minute stroll through the streets and you can find several different kinds of architecture, all kept impressively preserved from the town’s trading years.


A ticket to Old Town costs 120,000 dong. (Approximately 33,000 dong = £1)

This also covers entry to five sights within the town, such as temples, guest houses or museums. Rest assured your wanderings won’t be limited to just five sights, as many places within the town are open to the public for free. Saying this, you still need to the entry fee to access the Old Town and trust me, it’s money well spent. Hoi An is an enchanting place to spend an afternoon exploring.

Though it does become less like a fairy tale for a solo female traveller exploring the markets. Unless you think of the wicked step-mother going to Snow White’s cottage with a poisoned apple. I mean, no one was trying to kill me but a lot of hunched women hobbled over, trying to beckon me over with a crooked finger or wielding an elastic band promising some kind of massage. I really hope the latter wouldn’t be the kind with a happy ending.

I kept my wits about me, politely declined all their offers – including one lady promising she could get rid of my mustache – and didn’t stay in the day main market for long. The only thing that made me a damsel in distress was my concern over whether or not I really had a mustache.

X Marks the Spot:

Yaly’s Tailor
47 Nguyễn Thái Học

I dislike shopping – I can be in a store for around 10 minutes or so before I want to leave –  but I couldn’t help get a little excited at Yaly’s tailors.

I was completely lost in the arrays of fabric.  An assistant quickly came over, give me a catalogue so I could see what styles I liked and what they could make me. Once I’d done that, she showed me fabrics and she suggested which colours would compliment the pattern. I felt so looked after and – I coudn’t help it – a little fancy. I got a dress and a pair of shorts made and they are some of comfiest things I own.

Our guide had visited the tailors many times and assured us of the quality, including her leather bag she’d had for years. Hoi An is renowned for its tailors, some good, some a rip-off but I can happily join in my guide’s recommendation for Yaly’s if you want something tailor made.

Bonus: They also keep your measurements for 10 years and can make something to order if you so require.



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