It’s like the mountains are breathing on a cold day.

I want to reach out and grasp on to those fingertip trails of grey.

We are in the middle of a seven hour drive from to Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang and it’s such a pleasure to sit back and watch all this scenery from the window. It’s hard to believe I’m seeing all this with my own eyes rather than through a screen of some sort.

The bus stops and we’re told by our guide, Beam,  there’s a good photo opportunity coming up. The way she’s smiling, you can tell she’s excited for us.

It is absolutely breathtaking.

21988255338_020420eb4d_kTo demonstrate just how beautiful this place is -this is the view from the toilet.

21906759740_a2a253678b_k21907815709_3671f3b26e_k21988955239_5f0819a2e8_k (1)

We walk further down, I don’t think anyone can quite believe what we’re seeing.


There are so many shades of green and blue – from the darkest navy to a surprising teal; from bottle green to the pale green of the nearby shrubs. I try to take it all in. I wish I could tell you I had all these mighty, magnificent, thoughts to match about the wonders of our planet but all I could think was wow.


I may not have held on to the clouds, but I feel like the gasp I let out upon seeing that view is still lingering in the air up there and joining the mountains breathing.




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