Kuang Si Falls

You walk through the forest and it doesn’t take long for you to spot streams meandering their way through it.


Soon you arrive at one of the  waterfalls.


The water is far too tempting a shade of crystal blue. Despite the water being freezing, you can’t resist going in for a swim.

It takes a couple of minutes for you to get your footing on the rocks, then you start swimming quickly, knowing it’s best to submerge without hesitation.

The current around the waterfall is strong and you struggle to swim against it to get closer. Your friend notices this and helps you –  showing you a route to avoid the current, by following this you can swim fairly near the waterfall.


Your body is slightly adjusting to the temperature of the water. You try to absorb this memory as you swim: the cold, the water spitting against you, the forest green, the icy blue, the fact you can’t stop grinning and the sheer wonderment of your surroundings. You feel like a child going to the beach for the first time and you revel in it.




Eventually you get out of the water. It’s cold and rather overcast but you’re too happy to care and carry on exploring.


You bump in to a friend who skipped the swim and has already been further in to the forest.
“It’s one of the most spectacular things I’ve seen in my life,” she tells you, referring to the largest of the waterfalls here, “Just keep going up and up, you’ll see what I mean.”

The childish excitement continues and you eagerly walk along. The scenery is beautiful and it’s a simple stroll rather than a big climb you were worried about.


You get to the waterfall your friend was telling you about. You gasp, you laugh and you’re incredulous.

It is a vertical river.

White water cascades down against onyx rocks. You have to crane your neck to see right to the top.

You walk along the wooden bridge to get a closer look; the water is so powerful it feels like it’s raining. Your thoughts wash away in the stream and you’re stuck trying to take this view in.




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