Touch Down: Oz

Would you believe that I landed in Oz in a similar style to Dorothy Gale? I was in a house during a tornado, which accidentally crushed an unfortunate woman as it landed and afterwards I unexpectedly started wearing a pair of magical ruby red slippers.

All you have to do is swap ‘house during a tornado’ for an airplane without turbulence, ‘crushing a woman’ for thanking the air hostess and ‘magical ruby red slippers’ for practical walking trainers.

I know, I know, the similarities are startling.

Despite a distinct lack of a witches and wizards, it felt pretty dreamy to be landing in the magical land of Oz.

Whenever I heard Australia mentioned when I was little, I would picture paradise blue, a constant shining sun and most of all: the adventure of travelling across the world to get there.

The first stage of excitement wasn’t exactly what I had anticipated, rather than be in awe at all the new, there was a surge of relief at being back with something familiar. I was re-entering the Western world after a month in South East Asia, and believe me you’ve never seen someone so overjoyed at the sight of a WH Smiths. Who needs the Emerald city when you’ve that, eh?

This landing was the start of my full on solo travel, as I had been part of a group tour for South East Asia.

I didn’t have a scarecrow, a lion or a tin man to keep me company for my journey. Nor did I have a yellow brick road to show my poor sense of direction the way – I didn’t really mind that though, as I was more than happy at the thought of exploring this new country I had arrived in.

I didn’t want to click my heels and be home just yet.


* * *

The Little Sail Boat will now be following my journey up the East Coast of Australia. I apologise in advance as I did not get any foot photos to keep up the running theme of this blog.

My route up the East Coast was:

  • Sydney
  • Byron Bay
  • Brisbane
  • Noosa
  • Hervey Bay for Fraser Island
  • Agnes Water
  • Airlie Beach for Whitsundays
  •  Townsville for Magnetic Island
  •  Cairns



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