The fear of throwing up in public was far too real. I only had myself to blame.

Last night was Halloween. The evening had started off as an absolute treat as I was drinking with a friend I had made in Sydney, but the next morning I realised I played a big trick on myself by thinking consuming a bottle of wine, amongst other beverages, was a good idea.

I arrived to find L had painted herself green, put on a witch’s hat and worn a black dress with the hopes of winning the hostel’s costume competition. Rummaging through the contents of my backpack, I’d managed to put together a costume as well. One floral skirt, t-shirt and backcombed hair later, I was a hippie. My green friend had leftover face paint and drew flowers on my face. Spoiler alert: I was not the one who won the fancy dress contest.

However, I was part of the winning team competing in drinking games – if you can think of that as winning – we got free shots, which were a potent mix of sambucca and Baileys. I had two.

Did I order another drink when I arrived at Down Under bar? I’ll let you decide that. Soon my night dissolved into dancing, more dancing with all those new hostel friends whose names I couldn’t remember, and thankfully no more Baileys. Come 4am I was back at my hostel, feeling like I was back at university.

I woke up, ears ringing from the night before, my mouth dry and I could taste the late night takeaway and that blasted sambucca. I could not move. Yet I couldn’t bear the thought of not exploring when I was only in Brisbane for two days.

Willing, but not so able, I walked to South Bank in the afternoon. You’ll be pleased to know that I did not vomit in public.


I was wombling along arches of purple flowers, thinking how lovely it all was, but it wasn’t long before I had to sit down.


I stumbled acorss Sunday Sessions on the Green, where you can watch live music with the river and city behind.


I was happy to take this opportunity to lie down. I relaxed on the grass, grateful for the breeze and listening to Motown covers. Walking back to the hostel, I wandered through the markets, buying myself a lemon iced tea. There have been worse ways to spend a hangover.

* * *

For those wanting more information on where to explore in Brisbane, I’m afraid I can’t offer you a lot of the city’s hot spots. Other than South Bank, the only other places I visited were the Botanical Gardens and the Australia Zoo, the latter being an hour’s drive north of the city.

The Botanical gardens are lovely simply just to walk through, ranging from gorgeous flower arrangements to the surprisingly impressive rainforest the further into the garden you go.


The Australia Zoo, founded by Steven Irwin’s family, is a fun day out. It gives you the opportunity to see some crocs, hold a kola and get a kangaroo selfie.

My lasting impression from Brisbane was that it’s the kind of city which doesn’t exist purely for tourism but for the people that live there. I think it’s the kind of place you fall for when you settle down and make it your own. If you’re just passing through, like I was, a few days there is enough. If you’ve been to Brisbane, what are your thoughts on it?  I know I missed a lot – what would you recommend doing in the city?




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