Noosa is one of the most gorgeous places on the East Coast of Australia, in my humble opinion. The three days I spent there were heavenly and I hope I get to visit again, whenever that may be.

Within minutes of arriving I was lying on the beach. I watched the waves – they demanded attention – the kind of size which makes you realise why people describe waves as crashing.

I had gone to the beach with two girls from my room, who funnily enough had met my friend, L, the night before. It was one of their birthday’s and they were going on the sunset cruise to celebrate. I was invited and more than happy to join.

It was BYO and we took this as a commandment. Between the five of us (us three from my room, L and another friend from the hostel) we had twenty bottles. Plus biscuits, crisps and popcorn. We were certainly prepared for this one hour boat trip.

We arrived at the river and it transpired the majority of the people going on the cruise were wealthy, middle-aged holiday makers. A few had brought a bottle of wine. Then we get on board and have to be given the largest of ice bucket to fit all of our alochol.

The sun, tired and done for the day, sunk down the sky. The water lapped gently alongside the boat. I can’t remember everything we talked about, but I remember how happy I felt, like I was drinking the sunshine setting around me.


The next day it was back to being solo but after such a lovely night, I didn’t mind. I walked in Noosa National Park – from the main beach to Hell’s Gate. The National Park is one of the most highly-rated things to do and it didn’t take me long to see why.

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How is this real? 

I sat and my entire horizon was taken up by blue. My thoughts lost their focus and I found myself wishing words could capture blue. Every time I try, my words fumble and fall uselessly to the ground. “See,” I want to say, “It’s like this.” Pictures can help but I don’t think they quite do it justice.


A dolphin swam past in the ocean below.

How is this real?

I walked back, feeling lucky. Tired, sweaty, but so wonderfully and incredibly lucky.

The next day I went to the Noosa Everglades on a one day, guided boat tour.


The waters were still, acting as a natural mirror and our boat slid through the reflections. The driver pointed out blossoming purple lilies, to which the passengers on board cooed over.


10 or so minutes later.
“So some of you are fans of lillies?” he asked, to a murmured consensus.
“Check this out.”

The boat was surrounded by hundreds of those blossoming lillies. Ir was like being in a fairy tale.


During our lunch break at Victory Point, we had the opportunity to swim. Three other Brits and I were paddling. One, white haired, wrinkled man in trunks jumped straight in, his face lit with glee. The other elderly passengers made their way in to the water, smiling and basking in the sunlight. I found them so inspiring, I want to have the passion for exploring the world when I’m their age.

Later we got to canoe through those surreal, still waters. In our canoe was a British girl, an old German man and myself. Our tour boat caught up with us and the passengers told us that apparently you could hear all of us giggling all the way up the river.

After a dreamy hour or so, we boarded back on to the boat. As we were heading back to Noosa, we got stuck in the shallow waters. All of the young men got in to the water to help push it out, plus the ball of energy who had jumped into the water earlier. One of the elderly ladies was saying what an adventure it was.
“You don’t get this on every tour,” she said with ringing laughter.

The joy shared on that boat lasted with me until the evening. I couldn’t quite believe it was my last night in Noosa already. I didn’t want to leave just yet but I had to – there were more adventures waiting for me.


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