Magnetic Island

This part of my East Coast Australian journey involved quite possibly one of the worst bus experiences of my life. 30 + degrees, broken air conditioning, a fully packed bus with the scent of collective sweat growing ever more potent. I felt like I was in a slow-cooker, whilst sweating out all of my rum and ginger beers from the night before. For six hours. Six. Hours.

Then I had to wait in a ferry terminal for another hour before getting to board the ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island.

You’ve never seen a person happier to get some fresh air.

When I eventually got to my hostel, moving was not high on priority list. Base Hostel was a good’un, it was made up of lots of wooden huts and was right by the ocean. Not too shabby a place to recover from the Greyhound of hell.


Photo taken by: Rachael Brewin-Caddy @Brewinx

The others in my room had been on the same bus and we were all in pretty similar states.None of us managed much to do much that night.

The next day we hired a Barbie car. This worked out great for me as 1. I’d heard the best way to see Magnetic Island was by car  2. I had people to hang out for the day 3. I couldn’t drive myself.

If you’re wondering, this is a Barbie car.


There were no doors, no roof and it was hilariously small, especially as I was with some pretty tall guys. It was lovely driving around the island, finding little beaches such as this:


It would be impossible not enjoy driving around in such a small car with an island breeze. Though I have to admit I wasn’t blown away. Travelling for months spoils you as you can’t help but make comparisons  between all the amazing things you’ve seen. .

One of the main things to do on Magnetic Island is the Koala sanctuary. You get to learn about then have pictures with a bunch of different Australian animals: lizards, snakes, birds, even a baby crocodile and, of course, a kola. Though you have to pay for that one.


It was a short but sweet visit to Magnetic Island as the next day I was setting off again to my last stop on my Australian East Coast adventure: Cairns.

If you’ve been to Magnetic Island, what did you think of it? There’s probably a load of activities I missed so please let me know what you got up whilst you were there.


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