Touch Down: NZ

How would you be feeling as you flew to a country that you’d never been to, but it was where you’re hoping to spend the next year of your life? Nervous, excited, incredulous, or maybe even nauseous. Probably a combination of all of those things and more.

Me? I was passed out for the majority of my flight. It turns out sleep deprivation is a great tool for stopping any pesky of those feelings.

How much sleep did I have before my flight from Sydney to Auckland you may be wondering. Spoiler alert: slim to none.

It was my own fault. I had stayed overnight in Sydney airport to save myself some money. Underneath the fluorescent lighting, time ceased to exist and I was stuck in this bewildering world made up of carpet and baggage.

At one point I thought it would be a smart move to eat. Turns out airport McDonald’s are not 24/7 so I had a healthy dinner made up of various vending machine snacks.

Eventually, I decided to try and get some sleep. I started off optimistically in a chair but soon had to give up on that and just lie on the floor in a desperate attempt to get comfy. Despite my luxurious backpack pillow and eye-mask stolen from a previous long haul flight, I did not enter Slumberland but remained a citizen of Wide-Awake-Carpetville.

I’d say never again, but I can’t guarantee that – because, you know, money.

I made my way to my flight, feeling wildly spaced out from the past ten hours or so.

Then I fell asleep during take off, which I didn’t think was humanly possible.

Somehow I was woken up during the flight and I opened up my notebook to write this:

It’s strange how normal this all feels, though the sleep deprivation has probably played a big part in numbing my brain. it hasn’t sunk in that I’ll be in this country for a year. My head refuses to take a grip on it, like trying to pick up a bar of soap from the shower floor. 

I think once (hopefully) I get a job and a place to live (again, hopefully) it will sink in a bit more, but perhaps not. I don’t know.  

Good God I’m tired.


My Auckland adventure awaited.


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