Auckland II

I would not anticipate having an epiphany whilst drinking a cocktail from a watering can but hey ho, that’s life I suppose.

I was in Auckland over the Easter weekend with two friends, one who I had lived with for a few weeks before she moved back to Auckland.  We walked through the city, E and I revelling in the warmth as Wellington had begun to take on a chill. We filled in C on life in the flat without opening windows and she told us about her new job. We easily slotted back together.

I hadn’t been back in this city since November and walking through the streets I was hit with the memories of how I felt when I got here. Alone, stressed, panicked and not even sure how long I’d been in New Zealand for.

I would not have seen this coming. Being back in Auckland, with a few days off work and a good friend showing me some of her favourite parts of the city. We stopped at The Shelf, and I tried quite possibly the nicest mocha I’ve had in my life.


Us being us, we soon found ourselves settling into a bar along the viaduct; the ocean delightfully blue and the air so wonderfully warm.

It felt like any day catching up with friends from home, but with better weather. With the thought of home came the realisation how at home I felt in New Zealand.

The next day, when the other two were busy I decided to get out of the city – as much as I loved being there with friends – I am still not the largest fan of Auckland. I walked One Tree Hill and take in the views.


My uncertainty of New Zealand had completely eroded to be replaced by a love that was set in stone.  This country has become my home away from home.

The 11,535 miles didn’t feel so far right now.


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