For Helena

Dear Helena,
I’m behind with our emails, I need a new blog post and I’m sure you can guess where this is going.  It will be impossible to write this without getting too emotional, so I’m warning you now, sit down and get a cup of tea at the ready because here come the feels.

I feel so lucky to be able to call you my best friend. I still can’t quite believe you flew halfway across the world to see me. I know you also wanted to explore this beautiful little country before starting the next chapter of your life – that grown up world that’s still somewhat eluding me, but one you are making your own –  but still, part of the reason you flew all that way was to visit little old me.

It felt so surreal to have you here at first. I was childishly excited in the run up to your arrival, probably to the point where my colleagues got sick of hearing about you. I remember the bus journey after picking you up from the airport, seeing the city sprawled out across the hills, coated in the dust pink evening light, tingling with anticipation at getting to show you my Wellington and so happy you were sat right next to me.

No longer was my life out here made out of whatsapp messages, Instagrams, a hungover Snapchat or novella length email. You could see it all for yourself, put pictures to names and get a feel for the city. A piece of home, in my home here.

At the same time, having you here felt so normal. It was just like being back at university and it was wonderfully simple to slot back in to each other’s lives as if no time had passed at all.

Within a matter of days, you were part of my daily routine: our cups of tea before I headed to work, chats on the floor bed, and asking you to stroke my hair if I felt tired and vice versa. There was the magnificent Warehouse trip, with the light up hedgehog living essential and the $1 bucket, the time we attempted purple dip-dye, going to brunch. Plus it wouldn’t be really us if wine wasn’t involved one night – or several –  flying on the wings of Eagle Hawk and $7 rosé.


Routines aside, there were moments that were special. I don’t think there’s any other word for it – those kinds of moments where you try and remember every single part of it because it’ll probably happen only once in a lifetime.

Money woes aside, there no way I was missing out on exploring parts of the South Island with you. How many times do you get to see such a spectacular part of the world, with one of your favourite people in the world?

Milford Sound and Roy’s Peak were magical.

I cannot thank you enough for making those experiences so perfect, despite the pouring rain at Milford, I wouldn’t change a thing. We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits. Plus, if it weren’t for the weather, we wouldn’t have discovered the best indoor mini golf course potentially on the planet. Never underestimate a Brit abroad and their anoraks. A theme highlighted in the photo collage below.


It doesn’t matter where we are – the student union and lecture theatres in Sheffield, getting hit by a foam cannon in Calella, the hydration station, the woods outside of your village, cocktails in a skyscraper in Shanghai, Wellington waterfront – you will always be my best friend and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

I cannot wait for our next adventure.

x x x


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