The sky is a crisp, cotton blue, sheet –  it billows in the breeze and folds among the mountains – all you want to do is wrap yourself up in it.

For the past few days it has been far too damp outside for the sky to hang itself out to dry; whereas now it happily spreads out to make the most of the sun. Its reflection ripples on the lake and it smells so wonderfully fresh.

You walk alongside the lake with no destination in mind, you just want to be outside and take this all in.

Your best friend from halfway across the world is with you and you can’t think of a person you’d rather spend this day with.  The two of you sit and talk, looking out across the folding linen landscape. You feel content – that dozy kind after climbing into bed after a long day and you feel yourself slowly falling to sleep.

The next day you’re pleased to see the blue sheet hasn’t been taken in yet and is still proudly swaying around the mountains. You’re climbing one of those mountains today, Mount Roy, with encouragement from your friend as you know you’re not the fittest of people and you’re worried the walk will be too much for you.

It is hard, there are parts which are so steep you are painfully reminded you are in fact climbing a mountain,  During these stretches of the walk, you put on some music, keep your head down and just get on with it, not daring to look back or forward. Just keep going.

You, your friend and two other girls you’re walking with have a good pace. You’re all happy to take breaks whenever anyone needs one. There are blissful, winding paths, where you can simply stroll and get lost in the surrounding green and blue of the lake and the mountains.


Before the final stretch you stop to take in the views. You walk out along a branching path, proud of yourself for making it so far but your pride is soon washed away by awe.


You reach Roy’s Peak and look out.


And look.


And look.


Despite walking through this scenery for so many hours you still struggle to take it all in.

You feel yourself falling even more in love with this country.

You look at the blue sheet of sky, you can see where it folds and the creases alongside the peaks of the mountains. You are wrapped up in it, with that dozy contentment, feeling like you’re dreaming but so awake all at the same time.


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