The sun escaped from the sky and rolled down the hills.

It hadn’t taken long for the world outside the train window to change. Between entering and leaving a tunnel, the scenery had redrawn itself from a dark grey sketch to a rich oil painting: the gorse coated the green hills in a glorious shade of yellow and the sky was a delightfully surprising shade of blue.


Two friends and I were enroute to spend the afternoon in Martinborough, a town an hour outside of Wellington and best known for its wineries. Between the three of us we knew little about wine, other than the fact we liked drinking it. We’d been hoping to go for months and were feeling a little giddy that we were actually doing it.

.Martinborough was such a picturesque place, even just strolling through the town centre to get a map from the i-Site felt quaint.  We sat down with our map to work out a route for the wineries. As it was mid-week a fair few places were closed but thankfully a bunch within walking distance of one another were all open. We set off, taking our time and happy to be in each other’s company in such a beautiful spot of the world. None of us could stop smiling.


Soon we arrived at our first winery.
“Is anyone else feeling it?” E asked after the third tasting glass. I can’t stress enough to you how small these glasses were.
“Are you joking?” I asked, looking over at her. She giggled into the remaining portion of wine. We had to get more food earlier than anticipated.


The wines tasted absolutely lovely. To the point where more than once I was tempted to buy myself a bottle. If that sounds familiar, you may have read my Waiheke Island wine experience.

The entire afternoon was so serene. We pottered from winery to winery, basking in the sunlight and constantly saying how pretty everything was. It didn’t even matter that as this point in the year the grapes had already been picked. Against the blue of the mountains in the distance and the lush green of the grass, the place still felt like a work of art -from the moment we got out of the tunnel, everything just felt brighter.


I am desperate go back into that serenity and try more of those wines. Plus, believe it or not, I have now completed wine training and there is a possibility I wouldn’t sound like an idiot talking about the wine. I could say something other than: “Oh! This is nice!”

Have you been to Martinborough? What wineries would you recommend to me for my next visit? Or are you planning to go? I’d love to know.


 X Marks the Spot
Café Medici
9 Kitchener St, Martinborough 5711


Brunch was a must in Martinborough. Café Medici served quite possibly the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had in my life. Writing about them now makes me sad because I’m not eating them.

The place had such a laid=back ambiance, with a mix of modern and vintage decorations,and paired with a lush courtyard in the back, it encompasses so the vibe of Martinborough and I can happily recommend a visit if you’re in town.


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