Hawke’s Bay

“Good morning,” the sky greeted, stretching its arms wide, ready to make the most of the day. Unsurprisingly it was a morning person and despite having just woken up, it looked fantastic. The sky went to meet the ocean. The two were so close it was hard to tell them apart, were it not for the sky’s telltale clouds and the ocean rippling with excitement, you might never figure it out.


The sky quickly grew tired of matching the ocean or perhaps it grew self-conscious of how much attention it was getting – either way it became a shadow of its former self. The three girls thought they had entered a different day as they made their way to the Bridge Pa Wine Festival in Hawke’s Bay.

The girls loved the wine festival – with $5 for a glass or $20 for a bottle at each vineyard, how could they not? It was a dull summer day, but the atmosphere certainly wasn’t. Blankets were spread over the grass, the smell of barbecue with gourmet beef burgers drifted through the air and each vineyard had its own live music, be it bands to DJ sets. At each vineyard the girls stopped at they got a bottle of wine, picked a blanket and idly drank away an hour, whilst drinking in the atmosphere of each place.

The day started with bubbles and ended with a dance party. The middle was filled with delicious and fresh  New Zealand wines. As the girls danced, they took it in turns to drink out of the bottle. Surrounded by grape vines, smiles and music, it was a pretty great spot to be. Meanwhile, the sky sulked in the background.


As the day was taken over by the night; the girls toyed with the idea of staying up with it and seeing where it would take them. But instead, after a very much needed meal, they were quick to fall into a slumber.

The next day, the sky once again matched the ocean and it was a pleasure to drive through. The girls wanted to make the most of it on their journey home and so they made sure to stop and admire the blue.  Though they were somewhat distract by the ocean at Cape Kidnapper as the waves were so powerful, there was practically walls of sea foam.


The simply named Ocean Beach looked, from a distance, to be calm and picturesque.

As the girls walked along the beach, this proved to be wrong; they were relentlessly smacked in the face with sand, it was almost as if they were already back home in windy Wellington.  Rather than cry out in pain, all they could was laugh. None of them quite had this is mind when a walk on the beach was suggested.  There was a moment of calm and they took it in turns to get into the ocean, having admired the blue from afar all day, it seemed only fair to experience it up close.

“Good night,” the sky said to the girls, as they were getting closer to home. It was nearly time for the night to wake up.  As they drove, they made sure to acknowledge the sky one more time as it walked away as the night got closer and the distant lights from Wellington came to view. They wanted to remember this weekend – the fizz of the bubbles, the taste of the Paella, the green of the vines and that first glorious morning in Napier where the sky perfectly matched the ocean.



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