For Hannah

Hey friend,
As you know, this is a strange time for me to be writing to you. I have less than a week left in New Zealand; I’m going through wild mood swings whilst trying to squish feelings into my internal boxes. I feel all over the place and I’m afraid you’re going to have to forgive me if this little letter gets mushy or messy or both.

You’ve been home for a while and are still trying to recover from being bitten by the travel bug. Soon I’ll be right there with you, with a hopeful plan of Melbourne to keep me going.

I know I’ve told you this already – but this seems like a perfect opportunity to tell you again – I am so proud of you for making the decision to go travelling. Some people tell me it was so brave to move to the other side of the world. Since I was little I’ve always wanted to explore the world and in my eyes I’m not being brave, I’m just fulfilling a dream.

But for you it took so much more than chasing a dream and booking a ticket.  You were out of your comfort zone the moment you booked the flight. You have a strength and a courage you didn’t know you had (even on a boat.) Whenever you find yourself struggling with the day to day of back home, remember how brave you were. How brave you are. You will always have this adventure and there is always the opportunity to have more of them, if you choose to have them.

This isn’t me jumping down the whole spiel of ‘quit your job and travel.’ I just wanted to remind you the world is always here for you to see it. It’s not going anywhere and whenever you feel ready to, or have the opportunity, we both know you are more than capable of another adventure.

Having you here in New Zealand was absolutely wonderful. I said it before to Helena, but it was so lovely having a piece of home in my home out here. I was able to show you my Wellington, my life. When I get back to England it will help make it feel more real, knowing that someone else saw all this, too. Someone else saw what made me fall in love with this place.

It wasn’t just my everyday routine I got to share with you. There was our day trip to Martinborough, our bike, Harry Styles and my complete lack of sleep. Plus, of course, all our adventures  on the South Island with the Kiwi Experience. I don’t know where to even to start with them. The long bus journeys through the stunning scenery, our budget but decent pasta meals, jumping into the freezing Nelson lake, our beers on the beach, watching Marlborough Sounds. I don’t think I would change a thing. Apart from that demon snorer in Queenstown.

I opened up my diary, looking for inspiration and little moments that I could write about. This is the very first paragraph I wrote during our South Island trip and I wanted to share it with you.


Kaiteriteri beach 

You are writing this looking out at the ocean. Hannah is writing next to you, Bonobo is playing and the music fits wonderfully well with the tide breaking against the shore. The sand is still golden, despite the grey murmur of the clouds. You can see hopeful streaks of blue and, of course, the ever present navy mountains in the distant, which make up so much of New Zealand’s horizons. You are so happy to be here and so happy to have Hannah here with you. 

Thank you for coming half the world away and sharing this adventure with me. I love you.







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